New Trends in Commercial Real Estate

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In today’s economic crisis there is no viable solution in focusing only on asset classes and on what investors want. So, should we just keep going forward thinking positively about what we are enterprising, pray and stay optimistic about the future?

The real estate business needs to be re-invented by vertical integration of competencies in delivering sustainable building solutions with superior customer value: focus on customer intimacy, operating excellence and product & services.

It is literally a new way of thinking and executing work to avoid commoditization of the real estate.

Put the occupier at the center of the business; they are not just a tenant!

Opportunities exist for large and integrated real estate managers that contribute to their tenants’ organizations by tailored offering.

-   Consider strategic partnerships for effective value chain management with select corporate tenants and large investors.

-   Provide the best total solution with adequate product and services to an affordable price.

-   Rely on competences in design & construction to target restructuring and repositioning projects, and land entitlements for new development.

The challenge that leaders are faced with is to cope with uncertainty: take risks, make opportunistic moves and innovate by inventing, creating and imagining feasibility conditions for the business.

To succeed in today’s dynamic real estate marketplace, leaders must be more forward thinking collaborative, and flexible in financing, designing and building structures.

Attracting, developing and retaining resources, both of talents and capital, will lead to success.

Enjoy the wave.



March 2013

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